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Kochon Scholarship Program1

Kochon Scholarship Program

The CKD Kochon Foundation, one of the leading scholarship foundations in Korea, was established in 1973 by Kochon Chong-Kun Lee, a founder of Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp, with his private contribution taking the initiatives In corporate social responsibility through the provision of various scholarship programs and research projects over the last 47 years. Following the will of the founder Kochon who wanted to contribute to the society by returning some of the company's profits to the society and by fostering future leaders, the foundation has produced, as of 2018, a total of 8,086 scholarship students, providing scholarships and research funds amounting to 43.6 billion won. In 2011, the CKD Kochon Foundation became the first scholarship foundation in Korea to run a free dormitory for collegians to ease their housing burden. It has also carried out a variety of projects to foster future leaders by, for example, expanding its offer for scholarships to the students from other countries to foster talented youth from underdeveloped countries with a high potential.

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