Health Care

Kyung-Bo Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 1987, Kyung-Bo Pharmaceuticals is a APIs medicine manufacturing company with the aim to become the leader in the fine chemistry industry, which has been recognized as one of the most promising industries in the 21st century.

With the help of its cutting-edge manufacturing technology to shorten the manufacturing process, Kyung-Bo Pharmaceuticals has been focusing on developing new APIs with the hopes of contributing to better human life and health. Kyung-Bo Pharmaceuticals believes it has established competitive edge in the industry by producing high-yield APIs.

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Kyung-Bo Pharmaceuticals

Tae-Young, Kim


March 31, 1987

Business Line

Manufacturing/Sales of Medicine Supplies

Paid in Capital

11,953 (million won)


SilOk-ro 174, Asan-si, Chungnam (Silok-dong 345-6)


82-41-420-0500 / 82-41-546-8427