Mecenat Activities

The Cultural Arts bring us joy, help us express our values.
We will strive to make the world an inspirational and
happier place through Mecenat Activities.

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Story for Hope, CKD’s Opera & Concert

CKD’s Opera & Concert (Opera Concert, Opera for Kids) brings inspiration right to your door and allows the enjoyment of culture
as well as emotional healing.

Program Introduction

Opera Concert

‘Opera Concert’ is a cultural sharing program that delivers inspirational messages and hope to hospitals in Korea. Through smaller-scale music concerts that offer music and commentary for famous operas, musicals, and movie soundtracks in the hospital lobbies, it aims to heal the hearts of the patients and families who are tired of fighting against diseases.

Opera for Kids

It is an opera created specifically for kids, taking unfamiliar and difficult operas and turning them into easily understandable stories. Taking arias from operas, other famous classical instrumental music, and newly created songs with a hip-hop mix, kids will be entertained and find these performances exciting. We are presenting and sharing this pleasure by visiting hospitals around the country as well as those kids who are typically less exposed to these cultural enjoyments.