Chong Kun Dang Holdings takes a step forward into a new beginning

Chong Kun Dang has been dedicated to becoming a global leading pharmaceutical enterprise by keeping the faith to devote itself to pharmaceutical industry entirely for the national health over 80 years. In 2013, the company took a new step forward and successfully completed its spinoff and converted into a holding company to become Chong Kun Dang Holdings, while Chong Kun Dang pharmaceuticals was newly established to become an operating company in the pharmaceutical business. The holding company is set up in order to establish a social responsibility and professional management system in each business field and to enhance the transparency of enterprise governance structures, laying a firm foundation for Chong Kun Dang to grow into a global pharmaceutical enterprise. Now, Chong Kun Dang Holdings will maximize the value of the corporation by bringing the competence together from each operating company, and play a pivotal role to add the growth engine to the corporation through new business development and new investment. Chong Kun Dang Holdings as the holding company will primarily respond to changes, and drive the corporation to have the continuous growth engines and global competitiveness by innovation. I expect your continuous encouragement and support for stepping towards the transformation and innovation of Chong Kun Dang Holdings. I promise that all the executives and employees will do their best efforts until the company becomes the first-class pharmaceutical enterprise around the world. Thank you very much.

Tae-Young, Kim
Chong Kun Dang Holdings